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Book Signing Information for
Local Authors

Congratulations on publishing your book! It is quite an achievement, indeed. Now it's time to get the word out and one of the best ways to do that is to host a book signing at your Friendly Local Bookstore. Please read the information below on how to host a Book Signing event at Aesop's Treasury Books and Games. Any Missouri or Southern Illinois authors are welcome to reach out to us.

Please note that Aesop's Treasury Books and Games will not allow signings by authors who are promoting materials of a pornographic nature. We will be asking for a copy of your book cover as well as the blurb on the back of the book or inside cover.

STEP ONE - CHOOSE A SATURDAY: Select any Saturday that works best for you. Author signings work best when not around a summer holiday, but spring, fall, and winter holidays are a great time to catch the foot traffic inside The Factory of Farmington.

STEP TWO - PREPARE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Aesop's Treasury Books and Games will need no less than 6 promotional posters from you - 8.5" x 11" flyers. If you've never done a promotional poster for yourself, Google the search term "Book signing poster ideas" for inspiration. Still need assistance, check out some Freelance sites such as Fivr or call your local high school or community college. Usually they are more than happy to have a project for a talented student. 

Aesop's Treasury Books and Games will place the signs upon the entryway doors to The Factory of Farmington as well as in our game room and at our counter. We will also post your event on our Facebook page so a digital copy of your poster would be grand! JPEG or TIFF file, please.

STEP THREE - PROMOTE THE EVENT! Reach out to The Daily Journal in Park Hills, MO, as well as the Farmington area radio stations to let them know about the event. You may get some free air time or a write-up in the local paper. Promote the event on your own Facebook page and have extra copies of your posters for hanging in business windows (if you are local to Farmington).

STEP FOUR - COPIES, COPIES, COPIES: You will need to bring (order from your printer) copies of your book to the event. Please see the Author Signing FAQs below for more information.

STEP FIVE - SIGN AWAY! All books signing events run from 10 am to 1, or 2 pm. Aesop's Treasury Books and Games will provide you with a table and black table cover along with 2 chairs. The table is 6 feet long and 27 inches wide. You may decorate the table as you wish, give away book marks and business cards, but we ask that you only sell copies of your books and not other promotional materials or goods. Prepare to arrive by 9:15 to 9:30 am for setup.

STEP SIX - VISIT THE COUNTER: Once your book signing is over, Aesop's Treasury Books and Games will purchase 3 copies of your book for 40% off the cover price and your book will then be placed on our Local Author's Bookshelf.

STEP SEVEN - SERVICE AFTER THE SIGNING: Aesop's Treasury Books and Games will not contact you for additional copies of your book once we've sold through the initial purchase. Instead, we ask that local authors who have already had a signing with us, contact us to see if we require additional stock. We will typically purchase 3 copies for restock, or 1 to 2 copies if not sold out. Please do not walk-in at 9am expecting for us to purchase copies. We pay cash and that just isn't possible that early in the day. Please, for the best experience for both of us, reach out via phone or email us to inquire if we need additional copies.

AUTHOR SIGNING FAQs - below is a list of what we are asked most often before and after the signing.

1. How many copies should I bring to the book signing event? That really is up to you. We would suggest no less than 20; however, depending upon the foot traffic on that particular day, you may require more. 

2. How do people pay for the books during the signing? The author will be responsible for all sales of the book, including having cash on hand and a DC/CC reader available. If you do not have the ability to take debit or credit card payments, we would recommend using a service such as PayPal or Square. Visit any of those easy-to-use sites, read through the information on how your customers can make purchases from you.

3. How much of the sale price does Aesop's Treasury Books and Games receive from the signing? Nada, zip, zero, zilch. All sales are yours and we don't take a cut. 

4. When do you need promotional materials? Please have your promotional posters to us no later than 2 weeks out from the signing event. Remember, if we don't have your promotional materials, we cannot promote the event. Aesop's Treasury Books and Games does not create your promotional materials for you.

5. Can I sell cookies, cakes, snacks, candy, or handmade goods during the signing event? No, only your book may be sold during the event. You may give away these items or bookmarks, but only your book (and any previous book you may have written) can be sold during the signing event.

Ready to Set Up Your Book Signing Event? Reach out to us here using the contact form below or email us at

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