Aesop's Treasury Game Room Schedule

Aesop's Treasury Books and Games has room to seat 60 + individuals. We host a variety of events from Bunco to Dungeons and Dragons to Live Action Role Play where even the shopkeeper plays a role, anyone is invited to come and play.

Even if Role Playing Games are not your cup o' tea, Aesop's Treasury has a board game library where anyone may come in, grab a game off the shelf and play at no charge. 

Maybe you're looking for an area where you can sit and read a book you've just purchased ... I'm sure you can find a quiet corner. 



Are you a local author that has published at least one book? Stop by and talk to us about a book signing event. All Aesop's Treasury Book Signing events are on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm (or later if the turnout is good). All proceeds from book sales during your book signing event are yours to keep. We do not charge a fee for your signing. We do request to review your book before the signing event.