Aesop's Treasury Books and Games Trade-In Policy

Aesop's Treasury Books and Games offers 20% of the cover price of gently used paperbacks, 50 cents for gently used hard cover books and cookbooks, and 25 cents per Scholastic Young Reader soft bound. Then use your in-store credit for up to 50% off the Aesop's Treasury price of used books. 


Becky brought in 6 hard cover fiction books and 2 paperbacks, and the price on the cover of each paperback book was $11.99 each. Becky received a total of $7.80 in in-store credit. 

Hard covers 6 @ $.50 each = $3.00

Paperbacks 2 @$2.40 each = $4.80 (Cover price of $11.99 x 20% = $2.40)

            Total In-store Credit = $7.80

Becky found a paperback that she wanted to purchase. The Aesop's Treasury Price was $5.00. Since Becky has $7.80 of in-store credit, the book only costs Becky $2.50 in cash, and $2.50 is subtracted from Becky's in-store credit balance.

Aesop's Treasury Books and Games in-store credit cannot be used toward the purchase of new merchandise or used Role Playing Games.